Brèche de Roche fendue

The Belledonne massif is a crystalline chain of the Alps which reveals a wild nature in a high mountain atmosphere.
Its highest peak, the Grand Pic de Belledonne, reaches 2977m. In spite of peaks not exceeding 3000m, it is a paradise for ski touring, often requiring a significant difference in altitude.

The Brèche de Roche Fendue from Rivier d'Allemont is located on a slope of Belledonne which faces the Grandes Rousses massif. The itinerary is a classic: a bit of forest along the Bruyant stream to start with before arriving in some very nice combes that will make the descent a real pleasure... It is an alpine landscape that reveals itself with bars and rocky points of the surrounding summits.
From there, the Brèche is drawn by a very marked pass and offers a pretty panorama.

There are many variations of descent and we will go in search of the best snow before finding the village of Rivier d'Allemont.