Le couloir du Grand Sauvage

The Grand Sauvage couloir lives up to its name. Accessible with skins from the Pic Blanc, it faces the Quirlies glacier on the South face while its North face dominates the magnificent glacial cirque of Saint Sorlin.
Solitude and freedom guaranteed!

From the Pic Blanc, it is by climbing to the Col de la Pyramide via the Grand Sablat glacier that you will observe from afar and not without impatience your objective: the Grand Sauvage couloir. But first you will have to start the beautiful descent on the Malâtres glacier, go back up to the Quirlies pass and climb its north side to reach the Grand Sauvage pass which will allow you to appreciate its line due south.

A variant by the ascent of the Pic Bayle and the magnificent glacier of Quirlies is also possible. The choice is vast, the beauty is specific to each itinerary, and what is sure, is that you will not be disappointed!

It is with a return by the bottom of the Ferrand that we will join the pass of Sarenne and the already so much forgotten effervescence.

Unless you wish to prolong this moment and make a stop at the Savel inn located in the heart of the charming village of Clavans?

A wild itinerary, where solitude will be omnipresent throughout the journey.

And why not a tour of the Grand Sauvage ?

Private guide  :
500€  full day for a private group from 1 to 3 people max.