Le Grand Renaud

Taillefer Massif, Belledonne Massif, the exceptional Aiguilles d'Arves, the Grandes Rousses, the Obiou and the majestic Écrins Massif... Here is the panel that awaits you at the summit. A splendid backdrop!
This race, with a relatively accessible difference in altitude, presents a very beautiful wild route.

With a departure from Villard Notre Dame, the access road is an adventure in itself: built in 1936 on the side of a cliff - its construction will be completed 3 years later - narrow where the crossing zones remain on the bangs, crossing tunnels dug right into the rock with no lighting, this vertiginous road overhangs the Bourg plain and offers a magnificent view of the Romanche and Vénéon valleys as well as the great summits of the Oisans.
It is from this charming village, perched at an altitude of 1520m that the adventure will continue!
Superb and varied itinerary : stream, ice fall...   The next step is the arrival in a magnificent cirque which widens until you reach the beautiful final slope and finally appreciate the magical scenery offered from the summit
Magical... just like the descent that awaits you in this magnificent valley before reaching the car and the way back. Because the adventure will only end once you are back on the D219!