Mountaineering / Glacier hiking

HERE: high mountain...go with a guide!


The magical world of glaciers and high mountains! Let yourself be guided.

Who hasn't dreamed of discovering and walking on this fascinating terrain? Whether you are a passionate or curious hiker, glacier trekking gives you access to the high mountains and their unique atmosphere.

Roped to your guide, crampons on your feet, leave for an unforgettable day where the scenery will offer you an unforgettable parenthesis.
Don't dream it, do it...
Hiking glacier : le tour des 3 cols

Hiking glacier : le tour des 3 cols

In a high mountain atmosphere, you will discover the basics of glacier hiking along a magical itinerary!

Le Pic Bayle

Le Pic Bayle

The magical world of the high mountains is yours to discover!

The highest point of the Grandes Rousses massif at 3465m, the Pic Bayle is a summit accessible to all good walkers.

Why not ?

And why not go to Chamonix ? With stunning views over the Mont Blanc an the really high peaks.


One guide can take in charge between one to eight persons. Depend of the route.

Specification are as follow:

  • route type,
  • difficulties,
  • technical level.

Price for moutaineering

You are alone or an already established group and you have a project... contact us.

Number of person per guidevariable (*)
Price per personvariable (*)

(*): depends on the difficulty of the ascent