Le Rochail

From Alpe d'Huez, our eyes are naturally drawn to the South by this very pronounced chain of summits whose relief calls with temptation to a small visit.  The Rochail is a magnificent high mountain itinerary that can be done in the winter or in the spring and that offers a superb viewpoint on the Ecrins Massif.

With a departure from Villard Notre Dame, the access road is an adventure in itself: built in 1936 on the side of a cliff - its construction will be completed 3 years later - narrow where the crossing zones remain on the fringe, crossing tunnels dug right into the rock with no lighting, this vertiginous road overhangs the Bourg plain and offers a magnificent view of the Romanche and Vénéon valleys as well as the great summits of the Oisans.
It is from this charming village, perched at 1520m of altitude that the adventure will continue! The itinerary offers a beautiful, long and varied climb. We start on a forest path, bypassing bars and waterfalls before arriving near the refuge des Sources. From there, the rest of the itinerary is only happiness and freedom until the summit. Panorama appreciated, it is a beautiful and long descent which will make this day a complete and beautiful race.